Fairfax Eruv Committee

This is the home page for the future Eruv of Fairfax, Virginia.
(If you are looking for the Eruv for the Fairfax section of Los Angeles, click here.)

The Fairfax Eruv Committee was established in 2002 to organize and facilitate the construction of an Eruv for the Jewish Community of Fairfax, Virginia.

The boundaries of the Eruv-to-be are still being deteremined, but the goal is to include all currently Shomer Shabbat families in the community, plus as many other (future Shomer Shabbat?) families, and places to which Shomer Shabbat families may wish to move, as reasonably possible. The rabbinic authority (Rav HaMachshir) assisting us is Rabbi Shimon Eider of Lakewood, New Jersey.

For more information, or to make a contribution toward the construction of the Eruv, please contact us at

Fairfax Eruv Committee
Fairfax, Virginia, USA